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Jan 25, 2021

Fashion 101

5 Tips To Adorn The Perfect OOTD

Creating a truly impressive collection of various clothes takes a bit more of creative planning. You don't need to always need a glam to get a really good outfit. Just focus on your outfit of the day primarily with a lot of matching tones and colors. Have your entire outfit planned down to the minute of details and try to avoid having too many colors all in one outfit. Nailing just the right outfit of the day can be difficult as well. Eventually, with practice, you will start learning which accessories, footwear, and combinations work best for each of your outfit of the day. Always try to remember different combinations and clothing items that make you look and feel your best. Learn about your clothes and the most flattering color combinations. Although you may try out many types of clothes, you will be surprised to know that a lot of clothes actually suits you. If at all you plan your OOTD well in advance, you can ask your friends or family about their opinion on your choice. That way you're to have all the details in place for your final OOTD. Many simple and easy methods can be integrated into your outfit of the day routine using the wardrobe you already have to make a vibrant statement. Getting the right outfit of the day is all about learning to pair the right clothing items together, embellish basic pieces in your wardrobe, and figuring it out unique ways to repurpose clothes. Pairing your accessories with the right colors and patterns is also important. Here are a few tips to adorn the perfect OOTD.

Have no doubt about considering denim jackets as your wardrobe staple, it's an instant winner for sure. Denim jackets are just the right balance between your casual wear and that sophisticated rich look.

You can pair your denim jacket with just about anything, be it a pair of jeans or a dress or a denim skirt to nail denim on denim look.

You can add a little glam to your normal outfit by repurposing your scarf into a beautiful headpiece. You can also pair a denim dress with a beautiful scarf to bring an extra quotient factor to your outfit. You can also add your personal style to it by adding a blow or lace or some other frill on the top or side to complete the look.

Nothing can beat trendy jogger pants with a cool breezy t-shirt on a sunny day. This is another on-going trend adopted by many women that have made fashion oh-so-comfy!

Loving wearing solid color tees but at the same time finding ways to spice up your look. You can do that by using accessories or by using a belt over the layers to seal the deal.

Try out wearing different textures like velvet, knits, or corduroys sometimes. These textures will help in giving that detailed look to your overall outfit. A great lace or a complete denim look is fun to wear during the fall season, which is also the fall season's biggest trend.

Personalize your OOTD according to different seasons, your level of comfort, and make your outfit do the talking.