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Jan 25, 2021

Fashion 101

Colour Combinations To Go For

The secret to getting a perfect outfit with an impeccable style is to know how to coordinate the colours of your clothes. Matching colours is very important to find the perfect fit. Using the right colours that suit you and matching them according to your body type can be like cracking the perfect deal. And that is why you should know about different colors and its theories to get that perfect color combination for an outfit that will set you apart. Nailing the right colour combinations help you enhance your appearance immensely. If you really want to be creative and thoughtful to give your style a boost be careful when you choose the tones of colour which you would prefer to wear. Colour combinations changes with the seasons and trends and can vary from person to person, based on their body type, age, gender, height as well as skin tone. Having said that, there are so many different colour combinations for women which you should definitely consider when you decide your next outfit.

Monochrome Colours

This look seems like a no-brainer as it’s just one colour with the entire outfit in the same shade. However, it can be a bit tricky sometimes. The best thing is monochrome colours have caught up in the recent trends but aren't taken into consideration anymore. Begin with cozy and impartial shades like greys, blues, whites, and blacks, then move ahead to pastel undertones. Monochrome looks may be customized depending on the season or event. How about selecting a light pink long dress for your next party. If it’s a formal set up, keep on with neutrals, blues or whites, in any other case explore the pastels, yellows or even brighter sun shades.

Red and Blue

Every woman will always wonder as to how they can completely transform a pair of jeans to get that thrilling look. How about the red and blue colour combination which is an all-time favourite look for many women. This color combination highlights the brightness and loudness of the color red and can help you contrast with blue denim wear.

Neutral Shades

Getting your basic clothes right help you make quicker decisions when it comes to colours and outfit choices. Many women prefer to subdue with their choice of colours and end up wearing outfits with neutral shades. If at all sometimes you feel like bringing a small change to this look you can opt for one warm color and leave everything else neutral.

Navy Blue and Burgundy

It is tricky to match any colour with burgundy, especially when you don't usually wear this shade more often. Choosing burgundy colour can make you appear to look seriously stylish unlike shades like white and black, but the problem is this colour is a bit more restrictive with which colour you should wear it with.

You can opt for Navy blue which can particularly be a great partner to burgundy as it creates a timeless and flattering appearance. You can pair a burgundy colour culotte with a navy blue sleeveless shirt which can work well.