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Jan 25, 2021

Fashion 101

Future Of Fashion

The future of fashion is going to be more complex, diverse, and more vocal than ever.

Fashion has always been a hub for innovations - from the invention of the sewing machine to the rise of e-commerce. And in today's world, technology is changing the way we look at fashion in a different manner than ever before.

In the past, for any small fashion label to enter the fashion industry and gain recognition was really difficult. However, with the invention of the Internet, the entire system has evolved and has flipped up completely as the direct-to-consumer revolution has begun. Now small fashion labels could directly communicate with their customers and through digital selling platforms, they were successful in building a solid business in just a few months. After the market research, many people believe that the rental business can also be the future of the fashion industry. It is a great opportunity for those who can't afford high-end fashion, to enjoy these clothes on a limited budget for just a shorter period of time. Fashion rental became one of the fastest-growing internet startups during the past decade. Many fashion designers have adopted this trend where several companies have sprouted, disturbing the current apparel market which are offering high-priced outfits on rent at half the price or even less than that. Consumers are eventually trusting these rental companies and their product which encourage them to buy clothes by just checking them out online.

Many startup companies have just entered the retail space and are bringing a change in the manner in which clothes are perceived. They plan and sell garments with the present trends in core interest. This will additionally observe an advancement with innovative perspectives like Big Data and AI. These innovations can help break down parameters like stock, purchaser estimations and areas and so forth which will thus disrupt and optimize customary style retail tasks. With channels turning into the standard, ideas like visual preliminary rooms and unending passageway will be received in a noteworthy manner in retail. Further, these will offer organizations with advantages, for example, lessening the quantity of returned things and calculated comforts with conveyance in any corner turning into a possibility in merely hours or a couple of days.

Soon Augmented reality app will be merged in the fashion industry helping customers to hold their mobiles and imagine how a particular product will look on them, by just pointing the camera in front of the product. The customers can see their reflection of themselves, how they will look with that product and then they can move forward to 'add to cart' option through that app itself. This will help the brand to boost up their business.

The most important issue which the fashion industry in the future will face is the environmental impact of fashion on the planet. We have reached a stage where fashion companies no longer think about what they are doing and keep on doing things without educating themselves about how their business could be run in a less harmful way. People should be taught to reconsider the consumption of a garment.

Big Brands should promote ways where materials could be reused, items could be collected back, platforms where customers can resell their used garments and so on.

Future of fashion is robots that will sew and cut fabrics, Virtual reality mirrors in dressing rooms, AI algorithms predicting style trends, technology is soon going to automate, personalize and speed up every aspect of fashion.