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Jan 25, 2021

Fashion 101

Jogging Your Memory - Women's Joggers

We see them at gyms, cafes, sports events and in the comfort of our home. We have put insta stories of how comfortable we are wearing them and how you can literally live in them. The staple wear of our generation we might call them. Yes, we are talking about joggers - the essential which we can’t get enough of!

Have you ever wondered how and when did this saviour come into existence? Well, if you look up to Wiki, there is really no enough information on the lineage of joggers. However, with a bit of brief research, it can be easily deduced that there are two possible ways of how jogger pants saw the light of day.

The first one dates back to the time when fashion designers wanted to strike a balance between sweatpants and track pants. The lookout for something not very ‘obvious’ yet not getting rid of the look and feel of sweatpants ended up in making a rough sketch of joggers. And as we know, rest is history.

Another interesting story is set in the backdrop of the 1990s fashion of women and men when exclusive pants were made for athletes. The sports and jogging outfit back then was a tad bit uncomfortable for the athletes and they were struggling a lot with their then-workout outfits. In order to design a simpler version for them, a loose and baggy-ish finish was given to the track pants, which later came to be known as Joggers. Today, it is one of the most-sought athleisure in and outside the world of sports.

If we go by the stories, it is also said that some college kids started to tie their bell-bottoms because they would stamp on them while walking. It was here from where the idea of having closed ankles was introduced and later adapted in joggers.

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