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Jan 25, 2021


Judge Me Judge Me Not


Mumbai Based girls, Bhavana Pandey, Dolly Sidhwani, and Nandita Mahtani of LoveGen, are here to spread a strong, bold message #JudgeMeJudgeMeNot.

"Living in a free country, women still continue to fight for equality on everyday issues. It is time to make a change! We are no longer here to be judged- not for being a girl, not for our attitude and definitely not for our clothes." - Share Bhavana Pandey, Dolly Sidhwani, and Nandita Mahtani of LoveGen.


The trio has roped in some young girls and some of their friends to make a statement and break this stigma. The aim of the brand was to create awareness on the various social taboos women have to face in today's day be it 'wearing short clothes'; 'being seen with too many boys'; 'using a dating app', 'wearing too much make' or 'staying out too late'.

For the same, they had conceptualized a social media campaign with young influences such as Krishna Shroff, Hansika Motwane, Santoshi Shetty, Shereen Sikka, Shivani Patil, and many more.


The campaign was appreciated by all- friends, family, influences, followers, and shoppers; and was successful in getting its message by creating awareness in a unique way. While making an impact, the brand received an overwhelming response from many of those who have faced similar social taboos along with some who have faced social grief on a more severe scale. This included young teenage girls with various pasts, backgrounds, and religions.

It was essential for the brand to communicate their message and get to the point through an easy medium which the youth connects with easily. And what better way to do through social media. Please find attached the brief of the campaign, in order for you to understand the thought process behind this better.

With the success of its first phase, LoveGen is in the process of its second phase of the #JudgeMeJudgeMeNot campaign. We hope you can be a part of the same and support the campaign.