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Jan 25, 2021

Fashion 101

Pick The Best Color Jeans For You!

Jeans are an essential clothing item in every woman's wardrobe. But buying jeans is more complicated than it sounds. Every woman likes to check the color, wash, pockets, and cuts carefully before they decide to invest in a new pair of jeans. The search for that perfect colored jeans can become really frustrating if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. There are so many choices available in the market, so how are you supposed to know what the best fit is for you? Every woman should own a good pair of jeans as they're reliable and they look damn good on anything you pair them with. Jeans are considered as the ultimate go-to for every season. Sometimes you might find yourself stuck in the same style, so picking up some bright colored denim is the perfect way to bring in some much-needed change in your wardrobe. To make your next shopping experience simpler, check out our complete guide for all the different colors available in denim to suit your style!

Light wash jeans color

Light wash jeans pair well with both light and dark tees, helping you look presentable and appropriate whether you are wearing winter clothes like sweatshirts (black or navy) or summer clothes like bright colored tees. Light wash jeans nail the summer style!

Dark wash jeans color

Dark wash pants work similarly. When matched with lighter hues, they shield you from veering into the excessively easy-going look. With dull tops, they create a streamlined look with the additional advantage of appearing slimmer. Hence, dark-colored denim should also be a part of your wardrobe collection.

Light to Medium wash jeans color

Many women call this the work-horse wash. Be it day or night, summer or winter—it is always a good idea to own denim of this color. Here’s a wash tip to remember - the lighter the wash, the more easy-going the vibe. Search for a perfectly blurred wash and pair it with a light neutral top for a monochromatic look.

Cool black jeans

Denim trends might come and go over time, but everyone is aware that a woman's love for black jeans lasts forever. Also, black is known as the universal color in the fashion industry. You can literally pair black jeans with anything and they look mostly turns outright. While blue jeans are cool, there's something unique about a pair of black jeans that a woman would certainly want in her wardrobe.

White jeans

White jeans are every woman's staple, office staple as well as the weekend staple. You will get a wide range of white jeans for women available nowadays in a spectrum of different shades of white. White jeans are considered to be ultra-versatile and usually can look good with just about everything you pair them with.

Pastel Jeans

Pastel Jeans will help you give serious look style points. The advantage of choosing pastel jeans over white jeans is that it doesn't come along with the risks that come along with white jeans. Women love wearing pastel jeans especially in the summer when wearing black jeans in the blazing sun is a form of torture.

Printed Jeans

One of the best elements of printed jeans is its adaptability. Printed jeans can revitalize your wardrobe anytime, from floral jeans to geometric prints to vibrantly colored washes. Printed jeans help to transition your look from one environment to another in no time.