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Jan 25, 2021


Summer Essentials For Women

Winter has been with us for longer than expected, and soon, summer too will be blazing us with its scorching heat. It can be quite challenging for women to beat the heat while balancing a great look, especially when you are moving around the clock in the hectic lanes of Mumbai. However, LoveGen is here to provide you with the solution. We have all sorts of essentials that will help you cope up with the scorching heat. Complete your summer look with LoveGen’s contemporary yet comfortable summer friendly clothes and modernize your wardrobe with our glamazon collection.
We have curated a list to cater to all your summer essentials, which will help you own a chic season this summer instead of a sweaty and irritative look.

Tees are considered a staple of all time. No matter what the occasion is, tees will always help you out in making your day, especially in the summer season when it comes to us as our savior. Though they may not be the most exciting piece of clothing, they are considered as the most versatile, especially with light-colored t-shirts. Tees are something that can go with your rocking black pants, skirts, or joggers. This staple piece of clothing would never disappoint you.

Ever since palazzos have entered the fashion market, it has been everyone’s favorite. Whether you want to go formal or want to go out and party, palazzos are the best option to choose from. In the summer season, it can be of great help, whether it be its flair or the perfect look it provides along with the elegant designs.

Shirt dresses
No matter where you are heading, an office, out for a drink, or brunch, a good choice of a shirt dress will amp up your look. A shirt dress dashes up your personality with its voguish and comfy look.

Skirts tend to rule the fashion world with its chic look and the cute appearance it gives to a wearer. However, its features do not end at being stylish, but it also helps you cool down and be comfortable, both at the same time.

Maxi dress
Body fit and restrictive clothes can do no good in summer. This makes it obvious why maxi dresses top the list in women's wardrobe in summer. Breezy and airy with the perfect look is all that a maxi dress possesses.

Joggers and track pants
Keep it casual in summer. Joggers pants and tracks can work well with some loose t-shirt or shirt. It will help to complete your look in the blazing heat of summer while giving you a modish touch-up.
We all got to be ready for the summer. If you want a comfortable and flawless look in summer as well, take note of these points.