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Jan 26, 2021


Wear What's On Your Mind With LoveGen's Slogan Tees

Slogan tees prove that fashion is a form of self-expression. You always see them on runways, as street fashion, and even as comfortable leisurewear, and some it never goes out of fashion.

We’d say slogan tees are the best way to get something off your mind so go ahead and pick from Love Gen’s wide selection - right from basic tees to lounge in; to statement shirts meant for people to stop and stare. The collection includes baseball tees with fun captions of “Single. Taken. Psycho”, “love you (not) Chocolate”, “I got it from my mama” and our other chic graphic printed tees.

Mumbai girls Bhavana Pandey, Dolly Sidhwani, and Nandita Mahtani have launched LoveGen under SPM Brands– a fashion house that prides itself on nurturing style statements out of expertise, honesty, and passion. Coupled with an inborn style aesthetic, industrial expertise, and a social network that is well embedded in the film and fashion fraternity, the trios is a force to reckon with and a total win for LoveGen.

LoveGen’s mantra is simple – if you lay your eyes on it and if you like what you see, the limit on your credit card should not stop you from owning it. The trio pride themselves on their multi-faceted talents and a unified vision of making Love Gen a clothing brand that inspires, cuts through the high street clutter to emerge as a favorite, and yet does not cause a dent in the wallets.