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Jan 25, 2021

Fashion 101

Your Next Fashion Wishlist

Who wouldn't love to do shopping? Everyone would search through the internet, shopping streets, and department stores for hours and hours to find exactly what they want to purchase, to find exactly what they want to add in their next fashion wishlist. Everyone dresses differently each day depending on their mood, from rock chic to glam queen combining budget-friendly high street fashion clothes with designer clothes to suit different styles and moods of the day. When it comes to fashion, fill your wardrobe with different color palettes which is always on trend with pastels, creams, the shade of pinks, beige, and beautiful neutrals. Spoil yourself with trendy clothes like ruffles, florals, unique sleeves, pearls, and much more interesting stuff.

Few pieces which should probably be included in your next fashion wishlist for sure.

Cozy Sweatshirts

Just because you’re craving for cozy attire doesn’t mean you need to screw up on your style quotient.

With the athleisure trend going strong, sweatshirts are cooler than ever. From fuzzy comfortable knits to cool and sexy crop sweatshirts, sweatshirts are as chic as they are comfy. Pair up your sweatshirt with track pants and slippers for a lazy day around the house or with torn jeans and flat boots for a night out.

It's the perfect clothing item for lounging, partying, or casual Fridays at the office. With sweatshirts in your next fashion wishlist, you can take comfort to the next level altogether.

Good Pair of Jeans

Anyone would absolutely love a pair of well-fitted jeans in their day to day life. Jeans just look so flattering on everyone wearing them. Denim is one of those staple outfits that is always welcomed happily in everyone's wardrobe. Hunting down for that perfect pair of jeans to add it to your next fashion wishlist is always difficult. There's no shortage in a wide range of jeans to choose from, finding the exact size, choosing between some combination of qualities available, that perfect fit, or look for the jeans in your budget.


Scarves are the perfect accessory to wrap up your look every day. Scarves are just goals for every woman out there. They look good on any and all outfits, everything paired up with them is just so beautiful! Scarves effortlessly help you to elevate your outfit. Light in weight and available in a different array of styles, patterns, and colors. Scarves also help us to keep yourself warm during winters and add glam to our boring outfits. Scarves should definitely be part of your next fashion wishlist.


Why invest in something else when you can totally fall in love with dresses which will give you all kinds of butterflies! White and Black dresses are absolutely everyone's next clothing item present in their fashion wishlist. You can style it with some trendy coat with hair tied up and a natural makeup look for the ultimate elegant chic look. Dresses are considered to be a true work of art for every woman.


There are few days where you just feel like wearing pyjamas all day, loving that feeling of touch when lounging and sleeping around in the house. Pyjamas make you feel comfortable when on a holiday and give you that level of comfort when found the right one for yourself. Pyjamas are known to be every woman's biggest weakness and should definitely be there in your next fashion wishlist.