Top 5 Trending Cargo Pant Colours: How to Style Them Perfectly

Once again, cargo pants have officially made a significant comeback in fashion and are popping up on fashion influencers everywhere. Now, you can explore classic cargo with fresh new colors, fabrics, proportions, and styling.

From camo prints to pastels, cargo pants are shedding their boring, baggy reputation. These new cargos are baggy as well as slim-fitting and incredibly on-trend.

So, let's explore the top 5 trending cargo pant colours, making the biggest splash. Grab your favourite pair of cargo pants at LoveGen and read on to discover the top 5 trending shades and how to wear them in style.

Military Green

Earthy green has emerged as one of the hottest neutral colours. Military green cargo pants work year-round and pair well with practically everything.

Military green cargo instantly lends a handy vibe, so have fun dressing them down with printed graphic t-shirts or denim shirts.

Olive Drab

Olive drab is similar to military green, offering a slightly duller, muted alternative. Pair this premium colour cargo with polished loafers and crisp button-downs. Or with patchwork cardigans and floral prints.

To really branch out, try olive cargo pants with vibrant colour tops. Well, the styling options with olive drab cargo are endless!

Electric Blue

If olive drab isn't your colour, get ready to rock with electric blue cargo pants! The vivid cobalt blue has created an eye-catching splash across fashion trends. And the top designers across the fashion industry paired this gorgeous shade with cargo pants for maximum impact.

To make a vibrant style statement, grab an electric blue cargo now. To get the most out of blue cargo for a casual look, try a simple white t-shirt and sneakers, or go bold with printed graphic t-shirts. No matter how you style them, electric blue cargo will add show-stopping colour to your wardrobe!

Tie-Dye Cargo for Women

Last on our trending cargo pants colours list is an old favourite back-in style - tie-dye! Retro tie-dye prints are popping up across women's fashion, from dresses to denim shorts to handbags. So, we also had to include the groovy pattern for cargo pants.

What better way to rock the 70's tie-dye trend than with cargo pants? Keep your tie-dye cargos casual with tanks, tees, and chucks for a Woodstock-inspired vibe. Further, balance the trippy pants with sleek black tops and booties.

Trending Cargo Styling Tips

Now that you know the top cargo pant colour trends, here are 5 key tips for styling your cargos like a pro:

Tuck in your tops - Leave the sloppy half-tucks behind! For a perfect look, neatly tuck shirts, bodysuits and tops into your cargos.

Cuff the hems - Go for the casual, cool look by rolling and cuffing the hems of your cargos.

Play with proportions - Balance out loose or baggy cargo pants with a tighter, more fitted top.

Accessorize - To enhance your cargo look, add interest with studded belts, chains, or hand bands.

Wrap Up

So, these are the top cargo colours to style anytime & anywhere. Explore your favourite pair at LoveGen and grab these pants in all their trendy glory. Trust us, you'll always enjoy rocking cargo's countless style possibilities.
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