How to Shop Clothes Online: 8 Tips to Buy Clothes Online

Could shopping for clothes online be a hit-or-miss kind of thing? One moment, you're excitedly adding stylish outfit ideas to your cart, but the next, you're disappointed by what arrives at your door, as they look nothing like the items on the website.

But don't worry. As India's leading denim clothing brand for the youth, LoveGen provides a guide covering everything you need to know about how to shop for clothes online like a total pro. So, let's explore the top tips in this online clothes-shopping guide.

Know Your Measurements Before Buying Clothes Online

Before shopping for clothes online and discovering your best online clothing stores, whip out that measuring tape and note down the crucial measurements – bust, waist, hips, and inseam length.

Why so serious, you ask? Well, this isn't window shopping IRL, where you can try stuff on. Since you can't get touchy-feely with the outfit online, taking accurate measurements is the best way to make sure you get clothes that fit you well.

Brush Up On Your Online Store Size Charts

Ok, you've got your measurements locked down. But wait, that's just step one. Before you go further, understand how your best online clothing stores determine their sizes.

It's important to know how to read the size chart, whether it's standard US/UK/EU sizes or some unique vanity sizing. It also doesn't hurt to scroll through reviews to see what real customers are saying about sizing for extra intel.

Use Filters When Buying Clothes Online

Size sorted? Great! Now, get to filter their search results. Most online fashion clothing stores let you filter by size, brand, colour, price, and other parameters, so you only see what you want. Make the most of it!

Digging through thousands of denim clothing, trying to spot that one elusive Dark Blue Oliver Printed Denim Jacket you had in mind is nobody's idea of a good time. Save yourself the headache and use filters to grab your favourite outfits quickly.

When Buying Clothes Online: Mind the Material

Always pay close attention to material and fabric details when shopping for clothes online. Also, consider their weight – light, medium, or chunky- especially when buying winter wear.

The material of the clothes decides the warmth, durability, stretchiness, and overall look and feel of your clothes. So think about when, where, and how you'll wear it while choosing fabrics that work.

How to Shop for Denim Clothing

Denim might just be the trickiest gear to nail down online. So before shopping for denim clothing and hitting that buy button:

  1. Check fabric composition – stretchy or rigid? What's the cotton/elastane/polyester ratio?
  2. Note weave pattern – twill and herringbone weaves are more rigid than plain-weave denim.
  3. Assess stretch factor – look for "super stretch", "4-way stretch" etc.
  4. Pick rise option – mid, high or low-rise?
  5. Check out the fit model and size suggestions.
  6. Zoom in on product shots to evaluate wash, distressing, and other jean details.

Follow this, and you'll be slipping into your favourite new blues soon! Explore more hot denim trends:

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No Online Returns? Only Keepers!

Some smaller online boutiques don't offer free returns, meaning you must foot the shipping bill if something needs to be fixed. In such cases, only commit to pieces you feel 99.9% confident will be keepers.

Look through product photos with a fine-tooth comb, checking out seams, stitching, and overall construction. If in doubt, read up on reviews. Only proceed if fully convinced about quality, fit, and style!

But we suggest you buy clothes online only from reputable clothing brand platforms like LoveGen that provide easy exchange and returns.

Ask for Recommendations for the Latest Clothing Trends

If you're exploring online shopping stores, get recommendations from fashion-forward friends on the latest clothing trends. People are always happy to preach the gospel of their fave brands and trending clothing.

Suppose you want to explore the latest denim jacket trends; in that case, you can poke around style blogs and fashion forums to see which kinds of denim clothes are trending in the fashion world.

Sign Up for Store Emails & Get Your Shop On!

If you want to stay looped in on the latest clothing trends, deals, and new arrivals, get on the email list of your favourite stores!

Most of the best online clothing stores send out special discounts, exclusive promo codes, and early access to sales when you subscribe. So, sign up to score sweet deals before everybody else.

Wrap Up

So, these are the hacks for how to shop for clothes online. It's time you start working that finger and cursor to build up your dream wardrobe one fabulous garment at a time!

Follow all the tips, and very soon, you'll be slaying major style goals without stepping outside your front door.

So, flex those scrolling muscles and shop for clothes online. Try not maxing out your credit card in one go, ok?????

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