Our young and dynamic CEO, Aryash Singh Chauhan, made the decision to join the family clothing business after completing his graduation.

The family business, known as "Noize Jeans," has been involved in designing and manufacturing clothing for many renowned global brands like Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear, Mango, Jack and Jones, Only, etc., since 2010. Noize Jeans has built a strong reputation in its industry and currently boasts a turnover of nearly 1000 crore. Today, Noize Jeans has established design offices in New York, Barcelona, Dubai, Hong Kong, Dhaka, and Mumbai.

Aryash decided to take the business in a different direction and took the lead in expanding its presence in the Indian retail market. Aryash, who lived and studied in Barcelona, Spain, realized that there is still potential for a cool lifestyle brand to thrive in the Indian market. To accelerate this initiative, he acquired an existing brand named LOVEGEN and chose to re-launch it with a complete makeover to appeal to the fashion-conscious GenZ. Simultaneously, Aryash also introduced a new brand called LVGN, which is primarily focused on streetwear and oversized fashion trends.

Both brands will offer distinct styles at varying price points. Lovegen is a brand with a strong emphasis on denim, dedicated to providing the most authentic and highest quality denim products available at competitive prices in the market. In contrast, LVGN will target the most recent global fashion trends and release limited quantities for those daring to push the boundaries of their fashion choices and keep up with the pace of global fashion trends.

Board members

- Manish Singh Chauhan
- Anurag Singh Chauhan
- Aditya Chopra
- Bhavana Pandey
- Dolly Sidhwani
- Nandita Mehtani
- Gunjan Bhadoria

Anurag Singh Chauhan (Left)
Aryash Singh Chauhan (Center)
Manish Singh Chauhan (Right)

Picture Location:

Noize Jeans Factory

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