Styling Tips for Ripped Jeans: How to Style Distressed Denim Like a Pro

Ripped denim jeans have been the top favourites among the youth for looking effortlessly cool. But how do you style distressed denim jeans perfectly? That is the question. The problem with distressed jeans is that if you wear them too casually, you will look sloppy, but if you try too hard, you lose their laid-back vibe.

No worries, fashion enthusiasts, this blog is about styling ripped denim jeans like a pro. So, let's shed some light on how to style the distressed look.

Styling Ripped Jeans Tip 1: Choose the Right Rip for You

As you already know, not all ripped jeans are created equally. So, it's essential to keep in mind that when picking your shredded bottoms, consider strategic slits that don't show too much skin.

Choose ripped denim jeans with shredded details on the knees or thighs to add edge while maintaining a little mystery. Or, to vibe like a rockstar, opt for blown-out holes for a more daring look. 

Styling Ripped Jeans Tip 2: Keep it Clean up Top

If you need to avoid those overly dishevelled looks, try to balance your ripped denim jeans with a cool t-shirt. Opt for a fitted v-neck tee or button-down shirt to offset overly distressed jeans perfectly. All of you have to tuck just the front into your waistband for a bit of structure. Or you can layer under a sharp blazer to underscore the high-low contrast.

Styling Ripped Jeans Tip 3: Choose Unexpected Footwear

Now that you know how to style ripped jeans perfectly with topwear, let's talk about the right pair of shoes. When styling distressed denim jeans, we suggest you skip the expected sneakers and reach for shoes you wouldn't usually pair with distressed denim.

You can opt for chukka boots, brogues, or minimalist white sneakers – all complement your ripped denim jeans. You can also try loafers or monk straps to lift your entire look for dressier occasions.

Styling Ripped Jeans Tip 4: Have Fun with Layering

Now, it's time to do some experiments with layering. Mixing unexpected pieces over your ripped jeans keeps your look fascinating. With distressed jeans, throw on an oversized knit cardigan or sweatshirt in a standout print or colour.

A vintage band tee under a cotton denim jacket or Lio Mid Blue Biker Jacket also slays. Style ripped denim jeans with a satin bomber or lush faux fur coat for ultimate texture contrast. Have fun playing with proportions and fabrics for serious high-low appeal.

Styling Ripped Jeans Tip 5: Accessories for Distressed Denim Jeans

The killer look with ripped denim jeans is incomplete without the perfect finishing accessories. Some accessories like statement sunglasses, a worldly hat, or eye-catching jewellery pull together even the most basic ripped jeans outfit.

Stacked bracelets, interesting cuff links, and pendant or bolo ties work wonders with men's ripped denim jeans.

Pro tip: Don't overdo it with accessories, or you'll lose the carefree spirit of distressed denim jeans.

Wrap Up

So, these are the top five pro tips for styling ripped and distressed denim jeans. Follow these tips, and you'll go from ripped to refined in no time.

So, grab your favourite ripped denim jeans for men at Lovegen and start styling. Distressed denim season is upon us! Let your fashion sense hang out freely.
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