7 Gen Z Fashion Trends: Top Gen Z Style In 2024

Move over Millennials and make way for Gen Z - the new tastemakers and trendsetters! Born between 1997 and 2012, this young, diverse, and progressive generation is putting its bold stamp on fashion. So, what exactly will Gen Z wear in 2024?

As India's no 1 Gen Z clothing brand, LoveGen presents the top 7 Gen Z styles in 2024. So let's explore some cool Gen Z fashion trends.

7 Gen Z Style Trending in 2024

  1. Modest Dressing Gets Modern
  2. Vintage is Back
  3. Skinny Jeans Are Out!
  4. Cotton Denim Jackets
  5. DIY Fashion
  6. Socks Become Social Statements
  7. Platform Sneakers

Modest Dressing Gets Modern

Gen Z outfits mainly focus on comfortable, versatile styles perfect for hangouts, travelling, and more. Top Gen Z fashion trends mostly include streetwear and oversized outfits like denim cotton jackets, baggy jeans, relaxed trousers, boxy tops, printed graphic t-shirts and more that perfectly balance comfortability and coolness.

When we talk about pairing Gen Z outfits with accessories, these include hats, scarves, stacking bracelets and fun socks that add a touch of flair. It reflects a modest yet super-stylish Gen Z fashion 2.0.

Vintage Style is Trending in Gen Z Outfits

Move over fast fashion, Gen Z cares about sustainability. Thrift stores, flea markets, old college tees - youngsters are raiding everywhere to find unique retro outfits.

Oversized band tees tucked into high-waisted jeans, vintage florals, crochet and embroidered tops or dresses, baggy jeans, and combat boots, granny sunglasses, and many more - Gen Zers perfectly blending modern outfits with old-world charm.

It's All About the Fit: Skinny Jeans Are Out!

Skinny Jeans

Remember when skinny jeans had dominated closets for over a decade. But now, in 2024, Gen Z declares it's time for comfortable baggy jeans. In recent Gen Z fashion trends in 2024, baggy jeans, wide-leg denim, joggers, carpenter and cargo pants paired with oversized shirts or t-shirts are all back in the fashion trends. And yes, Straight-leg and bootcut jeans also make a solid comeback. 

Baggy or oversized jeans with ripped details add some edge, while side snap buttons and patch pockets make the look ultra-cool.

Cotton Denim Jackets – the New Cool-Weather Essential

Cotton Denim Jackets

Gone are the days of leather and faux biker jackets! Lightweight cotton denim jackets are dominating in Gen Z wardrobes. These trending Gen Z outfits add a fuss-free layer over summer dresses or crisp fall outfits while still looking edgy.

Cotton denim jackets with roomy sleeves, relaxed fits, and signature snap buttons are a hot favourite paired with regular-fit t-shirts with prints, mini skirts, and mom jeans.

Cotton denim jackets get a cool new avatar this year thanks to GenZ's fondness for vintage classics.

DIY Fashion: Trending in Gen Z Fashion Styles

If you're Gen Z, you already know how much you love thrifting and upcycling discarded clothes into new customized outfits that show your uniqueness.

With bold prints, mix-and-match fabrics, and funky cuts, Gen Z is all about getting creative with thrift or hand-me-down pieces, putting their own spin on things with DIY designs. DIY outfits are trending in Gen Z styles. It's all about self-expression and sustainability for this trendsetting generation.

Socks Become Social Statements

There is nothing like plain old socks in the Gen Z dictionary. They add a fun twist to their Gen Z outfits by opting for crazy printed socks featuring their favourite characters, movies, TV shows, or memes.

Wearing printed socks with sneakers, skirts, or cropped pants is great for showing off Gen Z's playful side. When their outfits feel a bit plain, they let fun socks do the talking!

Platform White Sneakers: Walk Tall in Chunky Kicks

Now, let's talk about top Gen Z sneaker styles in 2024. While Millennials were all about minimalist, sleek sneakers, Gen Z marches to the beat of its own drum with bold, chunky, platform white sneakers.

Platform white sneakers stand tall in Gen Z fashion trends as they're super cool and impossible to ignore. These cool sneakers make a wildly fun style statement with every step.

Wrap Up

Gen Z fashion trends are about keeping it playful and ensuring their clothes reflect their colourful personalities. Vintage, artsy, or modest, everything inspires their diverse closets!

So tell us - which trends are you crushing on the hardest? Let your inner GenZ'err run free! And yes, remember to explore the cool Gen Z outfits at LoveGen.
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