7 Latest Men's Fashion Trends

If you're a fashion enthusiast, you've likely found yourself searching "shop latest men's fashion trends online" multiple times daily. Despite receiving numerous results, picking the best new clothing trends for men can be challenging. But worry not - now, you don't need to. 

As India's leading denim clothing brand for the youth, Lovegen brings you the latest men's fashion trends to make a style statement.

So, let's explore the insider scoop on the 7 hottest men's fashion trends making noise right now.

Top Men's Fashion Trends in 2024

So, these are the latest men's fashion trends in 2024. Embrace the style that suits your personality and makes you stand out.

  1. Printed Cotton Denim Jacket
  2. Oversized Jacket
  3. Skinny Fit Ripped Denim Jeans for Men
  4. Men's Denim Joggers
  5. Knit Biker Shorts for Men
  6. Deep Knit Joggers
  7. Regular Fit T-Shirt with Print

1. Printed Cotton Denim Jacket

Printed Cotton Denim Jacket

When it comes to the latest fashion trends for men, denim jackets will always stay in style. Many types of denim jackets for men are available online, but this season, it's all about rocking eye-catching prints and graphics instead of just basic blue.

We're talking about the latest denim jacket trends for men with floral prints, camo, graffiti art - anything loud and statement-making printed across the back or sleeves of a classic denim jacket. It adds an urban edge to any fit. 

Throw a printed cotton denim jacket over a crisp white t-shirt, distressed jeans, and clean high tops for a casual flex at the kicks spot. Got a date? Layer it over a button-down with black skinnies or khakis. Dress it up, dress it down - the styling options are endless.

We recommend you buy a Light Blue Oliver Printed Cotton Denim Jacket that perfectly vibes with your personal swag. Stand out without saying a word.

2. Oversized Jacket

Oversized Jacket

Borrowing from hip-hop and skater culture, oversized jackets stand out among the latest denim jacket trends, making dudes look cool without even trying. We're talking about extra boxy and roomy jackets for that perfectly chilled-out, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed vibe.

The best part is oversized jackets for men go with everything. You can buy a Fitz Navy Blue oversized jacket for men and pair it with joggers and a graphic tee for a streetwear look.

You can pair the oversized jacket with a hoodie and black jeans for some urban edge. However you style it, wearing a jacket 2 sizes too big adds major laidback cool points.

3. Skinny Fit Ripped Denim Jeans for Men

Baggy jeans dominated streetwear for a minute, but skinny-fits ripped denim jeans are back on top this season. These jeans with exposed knees, thigh rips, and fraying hems are perfect for having a punk-inspired vibe. Ripped denim jeans for men scream rockstar rebel.

To embrace the latest men's fashion trends, go monochrome with an all-black fit of ripped skinnies, leather jackets, and boots for bad-boy appeal. You can also lean into the dashing look with Dark Blue Cruz Skinny Fit Ripped Jeans, a white tee, and leather shoes. However you style them, skinny ripped jeans make a statement.

4. Men's Denim Joggers

Add men's denim joggers to the latest men's fashion trends list. Men's denim joggers are bringing athletic style to the streets. Cut loose with elastic cuffs, these hybrid pants are crazy comfortable while looking put-together enough to wear anywhere. Men's denim joggers are the best of both worlds - effortless like athleticwear but stylish like denim.

When it comes to pairing this new clothing trend for men, denim joggers go with those fresh high tops, classic kicks, or urban boots in your rotation. Dress them up Mid Blue Depp Basic Jogger with a minimal leather sneaker or white pair.

Moreover, you can throw them on with a hoodie and bomber jacket for a casual weekend fit. However you style them, denim joggers for men bring comfort and swag in equal measure.

5. Knit Biker Shorts for Men

Once only seen in the gym, biker shorts are making a noticeable move into streetwear and stand strong in the latest men's fashion trend. Jamie Black Knitted Biker Shorts are getting a stylish upgrade with knit fabrics and moto-inspired details like contrast panels and stripes.

You make a style statement with this latest men's fashion trend and pair it with a tee or hoodie. Knit biker shorts bring an overtly athleisure attitude to men's fashion.

6. Deep Knit Joggers

As joggers become more lifestyle-oriented, traditional sweatpants fabrics are getting upgraded. As one of the best men's jogger pants, deep knit joggers are made of thick, premium cotton blends knitted for superior comfort and durability.

Deep-knitted joggers come in versatile neutral shades like black, grey, and olive that pair perfectly with sneakers for an aesthetic look. You can pair the deep-knit joggers with an oversized hoodie or bomber. However you style them, deep-knit joggers bring first-class comfort to casual looks.

7. Regular Fit T-Shirt with Print

Regular Fit T-Shirt with Print

Regular-fit T-shirts with prints are the latest men's fashion trends. You can buy retro-inspired prints, new-age graphics, and collage designs t-shirts for an artsy urban look.

From tie-dye swirls to anime characters to abstract shapes, regular-fit t-shirts with graphics add a dose of youthful creativity to any fit. You can shop the Symbol Round Neck Short Sleeve Regular Fit T-shirt with Print and pair it with white sneakers and Dark Blue Arnold Comfort Slim Fit Basic Jeans.

Additionally, you can layer it with a Dark Blue Oliver Printed Denim Jacket to let the art shine. In the latest men's fashion trend, regular fit graphic t-shirts will be worth your money to make a bold visual statement.

Wrap Up

So, these are the 7 need-right-now men's fashion trends bringing new swag this season. From regular-fit graphic tees to oversized jackets, men's denim joggers, to skinny-fit ripped denim jeans, you can explore the latest men's fashion trends online at Lovegen.

Wear what vibes with your flow while pushing your own limits. And yes, set trends instead of just chasing them. Be brave, get creative, and define your own wavy style! 

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